Can a “global brand”, really consider itself “global”, if it hasn’t truly cracked Africa?

With a population of over 1.2 billion people, growing at a rate of almost 3%, and an average age of just 19 years old, Africa makes up almost 20% of the Worlds’ population.

Every day, millions of people across the African continent tune in to watch Europe’s elite football teams. They search for songs and concerts from their favourite artists. They’re imitating Neymar. Idolizing Drake.

But these fans want more. The clubs, artists, and athletes they adore don’t yet speak to them in the way they could.

We’re clear that major brands see Africa as a continent of enormous potential, not least because of it’s 1 billion plus total population, but also because of the sheer passion for sport, music, and culture right across the region.

However, they can’t access Africa at scale because broadly speaking the majority of the population is without a credit card or bank card. Quite simply, cash is king. Mobile data is a luxury. And suitable infrastructure hasn’t been in place.

Through our leading payment technologies, market intelligence, operational frameworks, and performance marketing, we seek to enable the population to finally take a seat at the table of eCommerce, and digital content.

Why shouldn’t a football fan in the Ivory Coast be able to purchase an official shirt from their favorite team in Europe, and have it delivered to them?

Why shouldn’t somebody who loves Justin Bieber be able to stream his performances or download his albums?

Our hope is to forge deep, long lasting bonds, between best-in-class brands, and their fans who, up until now, have been kept at arm’s length, by making it possible for the people of Africa to convert cash into e-wallets, order products for delivery, stream content taking advantage of free data with our reverse billing system, and sign up for subscription services.

Our promise to our partners is that we will create unprecedented levels of Customers, Revenue, and Data, from the African continent.
Our pledge to the people of Africa, is that we will bring you closer than ever before to the brands you love, and finally put you on a level playing field with the rest of the consumers around the World.

GOAT & Partners is about to dramatically change the game, and all while giving back through charitable projects.

James F.